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11 March, 2005

Recent changes to EverQuest have broken several UI skins, in particular my modified Inventory skin and the modified Map Window and Compass.

The following individual component files appear to no longer function, and should be deleted from your custom folder (if originally installed from these UI skins) :


20 July, 2004

Updated Player Window to show new Mana/Max-Mana and Endurance/Max-Endurance values.

Note: Screenshots do not yet reflect this change.

15 December, 2003

Added a modifed Map window, and Compass graphics, created by Keilha Sharpleaf of the Tribunal server.

They are contained in the same archive file. Read the Map Window notes (below) for information on installing either one or both.

14 December, 2003

Oops... Apparently the more-visible combat indicator hasn't gone live yet, so my updated Player screen currently doesn't actually look any different than my previous one. Hopefully the change will go live when they do the next patch, and then it will show up. Until then, the new Player window works fine, it just shows the same combat indicator as the old one.

13 December, 2003

Re-applied modifications to the default Player window as well. This provides an updated (more visible) combat indicator.

9 December, 2003

Started over with Default Windows (for Hotkey, Group and Target) and re-applied changes, to allow for new features that have been added to the default UI since my original versions. This also corrects a bug in the Group window that was causing a UI error (even though the skin was loading, in spite of the reported error).

2 May, 2003

I fixed a bug in the Inventory window where the Alt Exp bar was appearing over part of the window once a character reached level 51.

29 March, 2003

I have added Face and Dye buttons to the Inventory window, and I have added the LFG button to the Group window.

12 February, 2003

I have updated the Player window to display Stamina, Exp, and Alt Exp percentages, and I have updated the Inventory window to allow for the new Charms Slot.

EQ UI Skins created and/or modified by me...

All EQ UI Skins WARNING: Contains elements that may not work with current version of EQ
Player and Inventory Windows [Screenshot1] [Screenshot2] [Notes1] [Notes2] WARNING: Contains elements that may not work with current version of EQ
Player Window [Screenshot] [Notes] Updated: 20 July, 2004
Hotkeys Window [Screenshot] [Notes] Updated: 9 December, 2003
Group Window [Screenshot1] [Screenshot2] Updated: 9 December, 2003
Target Window [Screenshot] Updated: 9 December, 2003

Other EQ UI Skins I use but haven't modified (yet)...

Spellbook Window [Screenshot]
Map Window and Compass [Screenshot] [Notes] WARNING: May not work with current version of EQ

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